On Sunday, October 21st we distributed the second card in our series for the 2008 Stewardship Campaign. The question we asked this week was:

“Who do you love from Bethany who has made a difference in your life?”


“The entire Bethany family! With no relatives that live close to me, the Bethany faithful have truly been my family. Together we have laughed, celebrated, argued, grieved, worked (slaved) and planned, all in the hope of furthering God’s kingdom on earth.” Ken Euler


“I do not know anyone in the Bethany Congregation that I do not love. There is a very special place in my heart for the Hillman Family, Paul and Sue Ofield, the choir – just everybody. As most people know, a miracle happened in our family as a result of the prayers and care our family received during a serious illness in our family – love you all.” Ellen Perdue


“Mary Phillips is a living example of the life Christ would have us lead. She is a leader – in her Sunday school class, in the choir, in the UMW. She is a servant, working at BIM encouraging others. Humble in her manner, she offers prayers to God which teach and make our spirits soar. *And loving all our children and grandchildren.” A friend in the choir


“ Dina Martinez - mostly in the school, but also in the church nursery. She taught me so much about raising my children. She is one of the main reasons Catherine and Caroline love coming to church.” Jill


“The music ministry has always meant a lot to me. It has brought me so much joy over the years and I love Paul and Sue for their faithful dedication to this ministry.” Jerry Harris


“Howard and Ann Hendrix, the choir, Pastor Dan, the Roberts, the Youth Group, Kristen Jones.” Chris Lydick – age 12


“As I think about the many wonderful people I have known here at Bethany, Mrs. Van Van Osdall is the one who tops my list as the one after whom I have tried to model my Christian walk. She has taught, by example, her loyalty, support, compassion and friendship just how to be a good, productive Christian woman - and I love Mrs. Van for her impact on my life.” Marge Roberts


“Too many to single out: Mary Phillips, Jim and Marge Roberts, San and Leta, Ann Hendrix, Challengers – what a welcome Van Van Osdall and Mary Nell Brown gave to refugee Crusaders. Bethany is filled with lovely people.” Trula Meglasson


“ Howard and Ann Hendrix, Karie Kimbley, Paul and Sue Oldfield, Pastor Dan.” Name not given


"Sue and Paul Ofield have always been such a devoted church family for so many years. They have definitely made an impact on our lives.” Leta Roper


“Everyone has made a difference to me because they are nice and are my friends.” Name not given


“Charles Williams, Jackie Greer, Omar Logan. These represent the entire church family that I love.” Anonymous


“God has provided me a church family that I do love, but especially my wife, Marge! She has been and is my grounding rod that has made my love for her strengthen each day. Van Van Osdall and Richard and Gay Hillman have had an enormous impact for which I am truly grateful.” Jim Roberts


“Paul and Sue Ofield, Howard and Ann Hendrix, Van Van Osdall, Marge and Jim Roberts, Dave and Cindy Dinneen, Dan and Kristen Jones, Dorothy Teague.” Tricia Lydick


“My Jr. High Sunday school class – Ian, Chris, Matt, Samantha, Gabe, Graham and William. Their energy keeps me on my toes, their thoughtful spirit-filled responses keep me awe-struck, and their willingness to minister to others keeps me humble. I am so honored to be their teacher.” Sally McKee


"Leta Roper, Brian Roper, Stephen Roper, Hugh Lilly, Bill Hughey, Dick Kellenbenz, Dave Dinneen, Eva Coley, Omar Logan, Charles Worthen, Jim Roberts, Marge Roberts, Cecil Caldwell, Harry Brashear, Sally Brashear, Elizabeth Johns-Kroll, Richard Hillman, Gay Hillman, Dan Engle, Troy Fontenot, Betty Brenner, Dan & Kristen Jones, Paul & Sue Ofield, Howard Hendrix, Ann Hendrix, Elizabeth Boyd, Trula Meglasson, Jewell Britt, Laura & Bill Bailey, Barbara Cox, Garland & Adriene Ormand, Laura Lilly, Tom Sanders, Ken Euler, Juanita Kellenbenz, Francis Guidry, Mike Bedevian, Ron Pogue, Glen Eckols, Richard Birmham, Ric Walters, Mary Mahon, Scott Merville, Mike & Evelyn Hackedorn, Mary & Harvey Phillips, Dorothy Teague, Betsy Hughes, and many others." Stan Roper

"Jim & Marge Roberts, Hugh Lilly, Mary & Harvey Phillips, Trula Meglasson, Van Van Osdal, Jewell Britt, Helen Hom, Bill & Sally Vauter, Loy Harris, Bob, Dick & Gay Hillman, Mary Ann Williams, Sue & Paul Ofield, Phyllis, Dickie, Perdue family, Tricia & boys." Anonymous


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